samedi 17 septembre 2016

Demon Hunter bust

With WoW: Legion releasing, I've been looking forward to get back to this piece. Finally, I got the time to texture it and it was a great learning process. My mentor Dusty Nolting from BrushForge gave me so great feedback along the away.

In the end, it was a lot of fun and I intend to keep going on my hand painted journey in the future.

Concept from Tyson Murphy:

ZBrush, 3D-Coat, Photoshop - Unlit model with Diffuse only texture.

samedi 27 août 2016

Durotan bust - clay

Here's a bust I made during my mentorship class with Dusty Nolting.

I wanted to sculpt the design from the movie in a stylized way to bring him closer to the games he originates from.

When watching the movie, I enjoyed how much Durotan felt like an intelligent being with complex feelings. Yet you can still feel the bestiality of the orcs and his nobility as a chieftain. Hopefully, I managed to encapsulate some of these traits as well.

So far he's a high poly sculpt rendered in Vray. The plan is to take him all the way to game res :)

dimanche 3 juillet 2016

One more step onwards !

It's been way too long since my last update and much has happened since ! To start things off, I'm switching this blog to English. Most of my acquaintances have an international background and therefore, I don't see any reason of continuing my ramblings in a language that will sound beautiful but won't make sense to them.

Next up, I've moved to Hamburg ! I'm now working as Associate Character Artist at Bigpoint and so far things have been great. The team is diverse and talented and I feel lucky to work by their side everyday. Besides, Hamburg is a gorgeous city and it feels great to be back in Europe :)

Artwise, I've been super busy with my new position as well as a truckload of freelance work on some nice IPs. Things are going to calm down in the next few days and I'm counting on it to get back to personal work ! Earlier this year I've taken a class with the guys at BrushForge to learn more about handpainted texturing. The output is this mighty futuristic Gravity Sword ! I'm now going to enroll in their new character class which should be fun enough to keep me working at insane hours for a couple of months.

On that note, I'm going to hammer down the last bit of work I need to regain my freedom.
Expect more updates soon.

Live long and prosper !


dimanche 21 février 2016


Un sculpt que j'ai fait pour Promoworld l'an dernier. Disney l'a validé mais la figurine n'a jamais été produite.

Demon Hunter bust - clay

J'ai enfin trouvé le temps de terminer de sculpter ce buste ! C'était un chouette petit projet et je compte la texturer dans les mois à venir.

A ma grande surprise, le buste a été staff pick sur Artstation puis partagé sur leur Facebook :)

(Concept par Tyson Murphy)

Handpainted Axe

Premier asset en handpainted texturing dans 3D Coat. C'était super sympa à faire et je compte pousser ce style plus loin prochainement !