dimanche 11 juin 2017


Starting from now, I'll be joining Ahmad Merheb's SculptOver project and help out students who want to grow their skills in order to get "that first job" (or that next job?).
The concept is simple: pick a pro artist and give him your working file. He or she will sculpt over your file for an hour and send the result back to you
You can find more info at www.sculptover.com. There are professional artists with different styles and skillsets that will sculpt directly on your files for you to learn from.

samedi 3 juin 2017

Short Strands brush



I've received quite a few questions on how I make the short hairs on my current project. Therefore, I'm releasing this brush which I created to help me cover large areas with short hair in no time.

This brush was created using strands which I generated with Dylan Ekren's hair brush. I reached out to him and he was kind enough to allow me to release this brush so kudos to him

The brush is free so go and give it a try !

Howler Bust - Clay

Here's a bust I'm working on from an unused Dishonored 2 concept. I'm in love with the stylization in this franchise. The plan is to make this piece real time in order to hone my skills when it comes to PBR pipelines.

Concept is by Cédric Peyraverney.